About us

Cawayan Solutions offer the best holistic IT Solutions to Small and Medium Enterprise. We provides a comprehensive IT services to clients nationwide. Our goal is to provide a better affordable IIT solutions and increase customer satisfaction not only in Asia but all over the world.

Cawayan Mission
To be the universal leader in better solutions. To help in empowering small business owner in eliminating the shortage of information and to connect them to the global economic opportunities by offering them affordable IT Solutions that works.

Why Cawayan or Kawayan?    
We can compare our company to the most resilient plant “Bamboo”. Our Company can undergo hard, difficult, tough times, for which we must adapt, but must never break, never lose our sense of self. Our company must keep its essence no matter how bad the world is treating us.

“Your Business Partner To Success”
- We believe that we’re not just a company, but we will become your business partner to success.
Our MISSION: To empower people to do more by connecting business to people with affordable and innovative better solutions